Anupamaa: Insecure Vanraj Follows Anupama And Anuj to Mumbai, Says ‘I am Not Over My Ex-Wife’

Anupamaa: Insecure Vanraj Follows Anupama And Anuj to Mumbai, Says ‘I am Not Over My Ex-Wife’

Anuapamaa Spoiler Alert: Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa is keeping audience glued to TV. In the show, Anupama has taken her first flight with her old friend and business partner Anuj Kapadia. Where, she is excited and full of emotions, Anuj is scared as he doesn’t like flying. Anupama recalls her dream to fly in an airplane and shares her happiness with bapuji. She asks Anuj to take a few pics of her to send it to Babuji and tells him that she is in the business class and is quite excited to fly. Later, when the plane takes off Anupama gets teary eyed, but she soon bursts into a laughter seeing Anuj all scared. However, she consoles him and calms him down by reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

On the other hand at the Shah house, Kavya and Vanraj talk about his insecurities. Vanraj accepts the fact that he is being insecure after seeing Anupama and Anuj together going to Mumbai. Vanraj reveals he trusts Anupama and if she has said that there is nothing between her and Anuj, then she must be right. “I never loved her when we were married, but yes, there is an attachment that is not going”, says Vanraj to Kavya.

Kavya is in shock as Vanraj says he is not over his ex-wife. ‘Pata nahi ye sach ko mein kaise badal paunga, but sach yehi hai (I don’t know how will I change this feeling, but it’s true). I am sorry Kavya tumhe ye sunna padra hai’. Later, Kavya hopes it doesn’t become anything more than an attachment. 

In the flight, Anuj gets fine after some time. He then asks Anupama to enjoy her first flight and moves to a different seat. She becomes a kid and enjoys everything about the flight. Later when they are served food, Anuj doesn’t take it, so Anupama gives her home-made food (thepla) to him. As soon as Anupama goes to sleep, Anuj controls the AC temperature and takes off his coat and cover her.

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