How Are You Planning to Protect Your Food from Monsoon Season?

How Are You Planning to Protect Your Food from Monsoon Season?

Health: Monsoon season brings in a lot of bacteria and germs. With no sunlight, it becomes dark and dampness increases. Therefore, it is very important to keep the area clean and hygienic and prevent the entry of germs. It is also very important to store your food in a dry and safe area

Fret not, we have you covered! Here are some safety tips on how to maintain the freshness of fruits, cooked food and maintain all hygienic conditions.

Monsoon seasons brings in a lot of moisture and dampness which are not good for food and perishable items. Fruits and vegetables become more prone to harmful viruses and bacteria. Make sure that you wash your fruits and vegetables carefully and thoroughly before using them. Even if they are packed, wash them thoroughly. 

Prepare Your Food Accordingly

Make sure that you do not cook extra and leave it to consume later. Cook in small proportions and consume it freshly. To clean green leafy vegetables, use salt water before cooking, saltwater ensures to take out all the germs and bacteria. Raw and deep-fried food from outside can create trouble in your body, hence it is highly advisable to avoid that.

Cover the Leftovers Properly

Make sure that you store the food right away after consumption. Air usually has a heavy moisture quotient and it may decay your food if you do not cover it for a longer period. Hence, consume all fresh food and cover the leftovers as quickly as possible.

Clean Your Refrigerator

It should be the topmost priority to clean your refrigerator every once in a while. An unclean refrigerator can lead to the degradation of quality food. Do not store any partially rotten and throw out food if you smell anything unpleasant and suspicious. Also do keep this point in mind, do not overfill your fridge as that may lead to contamination of fresh vegetables.

Give Some Space to Breathe

Keep your cooked food and raw fruits and vegetables in separate containers. It gives air some space to circulate. It is also advisable to use a clean cloth or paper bags to store fruits and vegetables separately and a different section to store raw frozen meat.

The easiest way of consumption to make sure that food does not go to waste is fresh consumption and adequate amount. This will save your time worrying about fungus and bacteria. This makes the entire process of consumption easy and feasible.

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