Fuel prices hit a new record high on 16 June; Petrol in Bangalore is close to Rs. 100 per liter

After the latest revision of the prices of petrol in Delhi has now sold over-the-counter at 96.66 rupees per liter, while diesel is priced at 87.41 rupees.

Petrol, diesel prices today: Gasoline/petrol and diesel prices have been raised, on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, after a one-day break, reaching a new all-time high in the country as a whole. In the capital city of the country and diesel fuel, rose by 25 peaceful, and diesel fuel 13.

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After the latest revision of the prices of petrol in Delhi has now sold over-the-counter at 96.66 rupees per litre, while diesel is priced at 87.41 rupees. In Mumbai, the financial capital of, and the price of gasoline is currently Rs 102.82, and diesel is RS 94.84, according to the information provided on the website of the Indian oil corporation limited.

This is the ninth increase in the price of fuel in June, with a 16 increase in May. The prices have increased since last month's (May 4) after the worldwide Distribution of the Companies (OMCs) to resume the changes of the price and after the end of the 18-day holiday, which coincides with the general elections in major states of America.

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Following the recent increase in gasoline prices in excess of Rs 100 per litre since May 4, will be available in seven states, and associated areas, including areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, india, etc., ?, Andhra Pradesh, india, Instagram, Ladakh, and Instagram.

Last month, Bhopal was made the first capital of gasoline to achieve the triple digits, followed by Jaipur and Mumbai. Hyderabad is affiliated to the list on Monday, and the city of Bangalore is now inches away from the reach of the psychological benchmark since the gasoline is to be sold without a prescription at a retail price of Rs 99.89.

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Petrol and diesel prices are the highest in the country, in Sri Lanka.? the state of Rajasthan, where the fuel cost is Rs 107.79 per gallon. Diesel is here to hit the triple-digit mark on Saturday and is now sold over-the-counter at a retail price of Rs 100.51 per gallon, Indian Oil, the data showed. In the Anuppur region of Madhya Pradesh, india, petrol will cost Rs 107.43 per gallon today, while diesel will cost Rs 98.43.

In India, fuel rates vary from country to country, depending on local tax (VAT) and carrier and company. In addition, the government will receive an excise tax on fuel.

The central and state income tax is 60% of the retail price of gasoline and more than 54% of its diesel fuel. The city receives 32.90 rupees per litre excise duty on petrol, and 31.80 rupees per litre of diesel fuel.

OK, daily reviews and prices for petrol and diesel are based on the average of the reference fuel on the international market in the previous 15 days, and the exchange rate).

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In the international market, crude oil prices rose on Monday, and It increased for the fifth consecutive session, as well as the lower inventories, and a recovery in demand, encouraged by investors, Reuters reported earlier.

Brent crude rose 69 cents (0.9%) to $ 74.68 of a vessel 0.00, GMT, up 1.6 per cent on Tuesday. U.S. crude rose 66 cents (0.9%) to $ 72.78 a barrel, after rising by 1.7 per cent. in the previous session, the report says.

Here’s what you pay for a litre of petrol and diesel in your city on Wednesday, June 16, 2021:

CityPetrol (Rs/litre)Diesel (Rs/litre)
New Delhi96.6687.41
Source: Indian Oil Corporation 

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