Feed this diet to 1 year old child for a week, this will increase both thickness and length

A child of one year i.e. 12 months should have maximum nutrients in the diet so that there is no hindrance in his development.

NEW DELHI: When the child is one year old, the parents do not even know when the whole year has passed. From birth till the age of one year, the child learns a lot and now he needs more nutrition for further development.

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A child of one year i.e. 12 months should have maximum nutrients in the diet so that there is no hindrance in his development.

Here we are telling you the diet chart of a year old baby which will be tasty as well as healthy.

what to eat on Monday

The diet of the child starts from the first day of the week i.e. Monday. On Monday morning, give vegetable upma and milk to the child for breakfast. After this, feed half a boiled egg and a small banana in the snack. In lunch, feed chickpea-spinach vegetables with jowar and wheat roti.

Paneer and date laddoos are to be fed in the evening snack. After this, feed curd with spinach khichdi for dinner.

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Tuesday's Diet

In the morning, give milk with ragi dosa for breakfast, then in the morning snack, give half an egg omelet with some slices of orange. In lunch, feed multigrain roti, lentils, vegetables, some slices of boiled beetroot, and some rice.

Feed small idlis and lentils in the evening and then in dinner, feed fenugreek thepla and gourd koftas to the child.

what to eat on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, give carrot paratha with apple kheer in breakfast. After this, feed half boiled egg and half guava. Then feed some slices of roti, lentils, vegetables, and cucumber in lunch.

In the evening, feed the child with multigrain cheela, and in dinner, make paneer bhujia with parathas.

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Thursday's Diet

A one-year-old child is to be fed porridge for breakfast in the morning on Thursday. After a while, feed jaggery in curd and feed half a mango. Then feed chickpea spinach with jowar and wheat roti in lunch and also give tomatoes. In the evening, feed curd to the child and feed roti, vegetables, and dal fry in dinner.

Friday meal chart

Make jowar kheer in breakfast on Friday morning and feed it. Then feed half a cup of pears with 1 to 2 paneer laddoos in a while. Feed vegetable soup, fried rice, and carrots in lunch.

After this, make fruit custard in the evening and make vegetable lentil dal pulao for dinner at night.

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Saturday diet chart

On this day, feed sago kheer in breakfast, and then after a while, feed half an egg omelet or gram flour cheela and also give half a cup of watermelon or papaya.

In lunch, feed cucumber to the child with roti, lentils, and vegetables. Then in the evening, mash the cheese and apple and feed it. After this, feed dosa and sambar in dinner at night.

Sunday meal

In today's breakfast, you have to make an upma of vermicelli and give it to the child with chocolate milk. Then feed dates and almonds with a small chikoo or apple in a short time.

Now in lunch, you have to give chickpeas and spinach vegetables with jowar and wheat roti. Feed poha in the evening and egg curry with rice in dinner at night.

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