Do you know about this biggest negligence behind road accidents in India?

Road Safety in India is distracted from mobiles. Road safety is worse to the extent of negligence. Aggressive driving is also a big reason. Which city is better? Let's see

 A survey of Ford India shows how careless people are in the rules of road safety in India. This report has shown a worrying situation about the behaviour of people walking on the road in India. There is a need to educate people about road safety in India, without this it is not possible to make India's roads safe.

A mobile phone is the most distractive when driving. This thing has come out in the 'Ford Cartesy Survey 2020'. Among the people of the major metro cities surveyed, 97 per cent considered it the top cause of road accident in the country.

On being asked questions related to the exam to get a driving license, only six per cent of people have scored more than 50 per cent. The third edition of the Ford Cartesy Survey has also revealed hidden obstacles to ideal behaviour on the road. This survey has highlighted the need for a comprehensive road safety education program for safe road use.

In this survey of Ford India, a total of 1,561 people from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad were interviewed. It was also found that in six cities Kolkata and Chennai people follow the rules of road walking seriously.

According to the survey, mobile phones are indeed the biggest reason for distracting. It said that 1 in 3 people believed that the traffic situation in their city is getting extremely bad. 97 per cent of the people surveyed believe that using mobile phones distracts them while driving. 81 per cent of the people surveyed believe that aggressive driving is the biggest cause of accidents in the country.

About half of the passengers surveyed admitted that they do not display ideal behaviour on the road. This includes following the rule, observing caution and compassion. 58 per cent of the people involved in this survey have admitted that they talk on mobile phones while driving. 63 per cent of the people surveyed said that they do not feel any difficulty in seating children on the front seat and 58 per cent have admitted that they drive even when they are sleeping lightly.

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