The Haunted Village of Uttarakhand

The Swala village in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand is said to be haunted.

This Swala village in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand is said to be haunted. It is believed about this village that the souls of the eight PAC soldiers are still roaming here. People left the village to escape from these spirits. Today the empty Swala village was a full-fledged village before 1952. Twenty to twenty-five families lived in this village then. At that time, this village was similar to the surrounding villages.


Today, no one lives in this village located at a distance of thirty km from the headquarters of Champawat district due to fear of ghosts. At the local level, a story is told about the ghosts here. It is said that in the year 1952, a minibus of PAC near the village fell into the ditch. PAC personnel were also sitting inside this minibus. Young people trapped inside the car kept shouting for help but they did not help the villagers. People say that instead of helping them, the villagers looted their belongings. The soldiers died there yearning.


After this incident, the people of the village felt that some strange incidents were happening in the village. The villagers of Khafzada started emptying the village one by one. And there came a time when the whole village became empty. Today a temple has been built at the place from which the PAC train fell. Along with this, it has been written on the marble stone here that in 1952, a PAC jawan's vehicle fell into a ditch, in which eight PAC soldiers died.

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