Congress demands resignation from Chief Minister in UttarakhandIn Mussoorie

Congress state vice president Jot Singh Bisht said that during the Corona period, the state government had a golden opportunity to stop migrants returning home in Uttarakhand. But the government relaxed its wrong policies and Chief Minister Swarojgar Yojana. The reason proved to be a failure, due to which the migrants of the returned state are forced to turn to other states again.

He said that the state government had talked about giving employment to 3 thousand people in 1 year under the self-employment scheme. But unfortunately, the government failed to give jobs in any department to the youth of the state. The year 2020 as the employment year by the state government has been announced. But not a single self-employment fair has been organized in the state so far. Due to which youth are roaming on the streets unemployed. He said that the Trivandrum government of the state has proved to be a complete failure.

Congress state vice-president said that in a recently published report, it has been revealed that in the last 6 months, the number of people who run their houses by borrowing has increased by two and a half times. Many poor people in the state do not even have ration cards made In such a situation, even those people are not getting cheap ration. He said that Uttarakhand  is the first government that passed the Lokayukta Bill and Transfer Act in its first Vidhan Sabha House and put it in cold storageRelationship, maternal uncle raped his niece. He said that the High Court has given instructions for a massive investigation on the corruption done by the Chief Minister. Which has been banned by the Supreme Court to hear the government's side. But the investigation has not stopped. In suchThe Chief Minister should resign from his post on morality grounds. He said that after the arrival of new state in-charge Devendra Yadav in Uttarakhand, a new energy has come in the state Congress, and all the people of the party are working together to strengthen the CongressThey say that in the year 2022, the Congress will win all 70 assembly elections in the state.

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